A Nifty New Concept Design For An Electric Stove Top

When I was in the U.S., I had the chance to cook breakfast with an electric stove top. You see, what we have at home in the Philippines is the usual gas range with burners. My mom says she prefers it over the electric stove top because it heats up and cooks the food much faster. Most electric stoves with burners have four or five burners, yet 75% of the stove top really has no purpose. There is an electric stove that has the potential to change this. Imagine having the entire stove top as a cooking area.

The new concept for this electric stove top is called The William. This is how it works: It will house around 1,500 independently heated touch sensitive honeycombs. It will also have a touch control system that the users can control as they wish. Everything is customizable in terms of how many cooking surfaces one needs. You can also program the length of time a dish needs to cook. Everything is automated after you have programed this wonderful cooking gadget.

I have included the video which explains in detail the specifications and the function of The William. I hope this design is made into a reality since I know a lot of cooks and homeowners would love be able to maximize this amazing design!