Adobe Photoshop Mobile | Android Demo

It’s been out there for a period of time now but still there haven’t been any demo shown on how it works. At least not from Adobe themselves. The Photoshop Mobile application has been a huge hit and pretty much everyone wants to try it out to see if it is somewhere near the best and most used application for designers, namely Photoshop. As it seems in the beginning the features that the Photoshop Mobile packs is not very impressive however it has its punch in some areas. The Photoshop upload directory is for one a really nice feature enabling you to always have your photos with you when you’re on the go.

When it comes to the editing features, now I haven’t checked the application in depth yet, but judging from the look of things it doesn’t seem to come close to the real deal. I know, it is still just a mobile application and therefor the device itself doesn’t have the CPU power to drum up those heavier effects and features. But, to say it is useless is to go a little too far. Even if there are several other applications out there that pretty much do the same thing I still feel like I want to use this one. Adobe after all have always delivered a solid and trustworthy design package for me as a designer.

So, if you’re interested in this application do check out this short clip of some of the features you can find in the Adobe Photoshop Mobile application. This demo is, as the title implies, done on an Android mobile device. Enjoy!