Aire Mask: Charge Your iPhone Hannibal Lecter Style

Once again we’re going to open the odd and weird gadgets vault and see what’s inside. I can’t guarantee you a safe and solid delivery since sometimes the things in there our simply out of this world. We’ve seen pretty much everything possible come from within this vault. There is no rhyme or reason to most of these gadgets, and that’s just how we like it here at Bit Rebels. This time around, we’re going to take a look at a pretty insane way to charge your iPhone. It’s a way that any serial killer would most likely enjoy since they all carry around a mask of some sort, at least in the movies. This particular one could possibly be something for Hannibal Lecter to take a look at.

It’s the Aire Mask which was developed to provide a more environmentally friendly way to charge your iPhone. Sure, you could just plug it into your outlet and the magic will stream into your phone, that’s true. But that will kill our planet faster than you can tap up water in your bathtub. Well, maybe not, but it would kick our beautiful planet in the nuts. This alternate way to charge your iPhone is simply a mask that you slip on while you sleep or possibly go running.

I wouldn’t advise the latter (unless a lot of other people are doing it as well) because there will always be a chance that someone will report you as a maniac running around with a mask on in public. The world has always been about change, so maybe this will become popular as well some day. We have trouble seeing that happening anytime soon though, but I have been wrong before, I admit that. It’s designed and created by concept designer Joao Paulo Lammoglia and is possibly the coolest or freakiest iPhone charger to date. Now, the question is, would you use it?




Via: [UFunk – French]