LED Ring Turns Your Marriage Proposal Into A Tech Fest

We have been treated to a whole lot of viral marriage proposals lately. Some have ended up here on Bit Rebels just because their out of this world geekiness. We are going to continue that trend and present something to you today that will have the most technologically fanatic geeks drool out of pure excitement. For a geek, proposing is in most cases an endeavor that takes skills and mastery, at least if you have a look at this LED ring that makes all other engagement rings look ordinary and pale.

This LED ring is something that could almost come out of the Tony Stark lair. We have seen all kinds of custom created engagement proposals and rings, but this one is a breed of its own. With mastery skills worthy of Tony Stark himself, Ben Kokes has been able to create an LED ring that only lights up when he himself is near his fiancé.

Since it was ultimately impossible to fit a battery inside the ring, Ben decided to charge the LEDs with an inductive charger. By wearing a arm-mounted inductive transmitter, the three top LEDs light up as a coil of wire. They were attached to the LED ring using kapton tape which was also attached to a capacitor and the LEDs. The end result is that when Ben is close to his fiancé, the ring will light up.

If this doesn’t demotivate any guy from ever proposing to his girlfriend, I don’t know what will. I mean, how can you ever do anything more extravagant than this, right? I think that was the exact same thing I said with the previous marriage proposals that we featured here on Bit Rebels as well. Geeks just never stop innovating, and that is why we will most likely see even more incredible engagement proposals in the near future. I think it will take a while before anyone beats the ingenuity and the technical skills involved in creating this insanely cool LED ring, that’s for sure. For a glimpse into the whole creation process of this ring, have a look at Ben’s amazing 38 step documentation of the build.

Ben Kokes’ Incredible Engagement LED Ring




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