Guy Uses Language App To Digitally Propose To His Foreign Girlfriend

There have been many romantically geeky marriage proposals over the years. People seem to be getting more creative when it comes to how they ask that special someone for a lifetime commitment. If you are a guy who is close to popping the question, I can understand it might be intimidating. This is especially true if your girlfriend keeps up with all the proposals that have gone viral. This is another great one, and it involves the language app called Duolingo.

It all started when Flavio, and Italian graduate student, decided he wanted to propose to his American girlfriend. His girlfriend, Kate, is a frequent user of the app Duolingo. She’s using it to learn his language (Italian). Flavio decided that it might be a good idea to use the language app to propose, so he sent the email you see below (which appears on the Duolingo blog) to request some help.

If you are familiar with Duolingo, you know that through a series of lessons, you can use this app to learn another language. The people at Duolingo set up a special lesson just for Flavio’s girlfriend to see the next time she logged in.

The customized “love lesson” the app walked Kate through seemed typical at first since it was a series of questions which she had to translate. They were all about love. Then the big question was thrown in there on the screen. The page that would appear after that was dependent on whether she said yes or no.

Luckily for Flavio, this story has a happy ending because she said yes! This is the first time I’ve ever heard of a language app (or any app) assisting with a marriage proposal. You can read more about this by clicking over to the Duolingo blog, which is linked above. Congratulations to Kate and Flavio! We wish you a lifetime of happiness.

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