Amazon Demoes Their Future Drone Delivery System

I think we are all kind of fed up with the un-optimized way letters and packages are delivered to us today. If we buy something, we usually will not have it delivered anytime less than 12 to 24 hours, right? There have been plenty of ideas thrown around, and one that has been the most prominent so far is of course the utilization of 3D printing. However, this article is about something much cooler, I am talking about Amazon’s future delivery system.

I think ever since we saw that futuristic-looking pizza drone delivery system presented by Domino’s we have wondered when we’ll see more of these drones occupying the air above us. However, this time, it is Amazon that is showing us their idea for the future and how they want to deliver our packages. Their new system allows for deliveries within the hour, sometimes even within 30 minutes depending on where you are located.

Even though the drones have a 10-mile radius limit, this delivery system that Amazon is demoing in the video below is of course in its infancy so we can expect a great deal of innovation when it comes to this technology.

These drones already have great distance within them, but it also depends on the weight of the package up for delivery. I have to admit that as I am watching this I get truly excited about the future. I mean, we have 3D printing which is going to revolutionize the way things are instantly delivered to us and perhaps that is why companies like Domino’s and Amazon are now looking to these drone delivery systems in order to be able to compete with the delivery times. It’s not too hard to imagine that once 3D printing as a product delivery form becomes popular and advanced enough, every store and even fast food restaurant is going to have a hard time selling their products. Amazon is awaiting approval from FAA, which could be in place as early as 2015, and by then Amazon says their Prime Air delivery service will be ready to launch.

Amazon’s Future 30-Minute Drone Delivery System Service

Amazon Drone Delivery System

Amazon Drone Delivery System

Amazon Drone Delivery System

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