Personal Jet Pack | Only $75,000!

Alright, I think I just found something that made my whole existence so much more exciting. I am eagerly and patiently awaiting the nearby future while I keep working furiously dedicated towards making the dough to be able to buy this when it becomes available. I haven’t seen something this cool since I saw the opening of the Olympics back in 1980’s when a guy jet packed himself out of the stadium leaving everyone’s jaws wide open and heads spinning in awe.

This is a similar moment for me. The jet pack was all about air, propelled by a jet engine. To make the jet pack as light as possible, fuel was kept at a minimum and the user could only thrust away for a very short moment of time. About 30 seconds or less. This new thing is propelled by something very similar to hover craft propellers and the direction is controlled by directing the air through a set of levelers.

So what’s the price? Well, the first jet pack was so expensive that the team building it didn’t want anyone else to fly. This new concept and idea is, in comparison, just pocket money. For $75,000 you can buy your very own jet pack and travel the neighborhood like a king and get to your meetings in style. You are able to fly 30 miles per tank and it reaches speeds up to 60 mph. You will also be able to reach heights up to almost 8,000 feet which will make anyone pee in their pants.

The best part? Well, it weighs in at only 254 pounds which means you will never need a license to pilot this badboy. You can just strap yourself in and let yourself become the coolest and fastest one man show on the block… in the sky!

For more information check out Martin Aircraft Company Jetpack. There you can as well sign up to buy one! How neat is that!!