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    Orionsangel 9 years

    There’s nothing I really hate about Win8 since I’m a pretty basic user of Windows. In other words I go on Google Chrome a lot. So Windows 8 starts and I immediately click on the Desktop app so it looks like the familiar windows we all know and love and then click on the Chrome browser icon. I mostly ignore the Win8 metro portion of the OS. Sometimes I’ll check the Windows store to see if they have any new apps worth getting. They usually don’t.

    The reason why I hate the apps (besides being boring) as a desktop user is that they seem lock you into a program. I feel trapped in the app. I know you can bring the cursor to the corners of the screen to switch to other apps or the desktop, but it’s hidden until the cursor gets there. I like windows desktop where I can stay in a window and minimize it and use tabs. Open many windowed screens at once. I’m old school. I also hate that every Win8 app needs to show a logo when it starts up? Just get to the app. The new metro ui seems like it was created with idiocracy in mind. It has a fisher price vibe to it.

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    i love your posts,because of it’s simplicity

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    Jack F 9 years

    There is nothing annoying about Windows 8, just different.