Anti-Wrinkle Glasses: You’ll Never Grow Old, Just Silly!

Age. It’s one of the last mysteries that us humans haven’t yet been able to master or control. Sure, we have Botox and a ton of other medical “marvels” that supposedly keep us looking younger, yet weirder. It’s like everything a human is rejects the fact that we’re getting older and more busted up. Isn’t it weird that when you’re trying to look young, as an adult, you only start looking weirder the older you get? I can’t really get my head around that fact but it’s true, if you think about it for a second. Have you ever seen an elderly person who has tried out some kind of beautification cure or surgery that looks normal? I sure haven’t.

So that leads me to talk about these, groundbreaking, new anti-wrinkle glasses from Japan. They will make you look at least 10 years younger. But remember, there is yet no working thing to make you look younger without making you look weird as I stated earlier in this article. So therefore, it shouldn’t matter to you that these glasses look totally mind boggling silly if you ask me. Sure, you’ll have no wrinkles but if people moderately minded the wrinkles, they will definitely stare at you with these on.

However, if you still feel they are a fit for you, then you can get a pair or two over at Japan Trend Shop. These glassed called “Mejikara Anti-Wrinkle Glasses” will set you back an easy $50 with shipping not included. If weird beauty is the most important factor in your life, maybe you are still pulling towards getting these. I’d just stick to my chances of growing old, hoping I will still look moderately normal. If not then there are other things to try out I am sure. Until I actually get old, I will just stick to healthy food and exercise. After all, that’s all the Romans had, and those busts look pretty amazing to me. Exercise for the win… and a lot of water.