App Developers: A Secret Recipe For Success [Infographic]

There are a lot of app developers in the world. When things really started to become successful with the iPhone, it was like a 21st century gold rush was set free. Some people made millions of dollars off apps that seemed like a 10-year-old could make. It was insane really. Nowadays, the competition is a little more fierce. You have to come up with something really addictive in order to please the app buyers to the point where they spread the word about your app. It seems Hothead Games, a premium app developer, struck gold when they released their first app, Big Win Soccer, in March of 2012. Their app jumped to number one in the app store in just 2 days. Aside from anything else, that is a pretty respectable feat they have accomplished, wouldn’t you say?

Every app developer knows that the solidity of the code is everything when it comes to developing groundbreaking and addictive applications and games. However, there is also another aspect of this that most people don’t think about. That is, in order to make an app that uses a lot of data storing features, you need to house your app with a good data delivery service. Hothead Games decided to go with Cloudant to fuel their game Big Win Soccer. It’s the world’s first globally distributed data layer as a service.

Scalability is one of the most important aspects you have to look at when you choose either a content delivery network (such a MaxCDN) or a data deliver service such as Cloudant. Being able to quickly meet the demands of your upcoming success is key to success overall. If you are suddenly faced with limitations, and the users keep coming, you will quickly be aware of its effects. Users will start to drop off since you won’t be able to provide them with a solid gaming experience, and they will ultimately feel cheated out of their money.

In an infographic called How To Win Big In The App Market, designed by NowSourcing, Cloudant tells the full story of the Hothead Games rise to success and what enabled their incredible results. Since Big Win Soccer was released, they have also released Big Win Hockey and Big Win Baseball, which both became number one selling apps all around the world as well. So if you are an app developer looking to succeed, you need to think of all the aspects of a possible success. Don’t miss out on the small details that will come back to haunt you when things get hot around the edges. Think primarily of the gaming experience, and the way you deliver your data to and from your user to the server. With good scalability, the sky is the limit.

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