App Store Wars: The Mobile App Store Timeline [Infographic]

Millions and millions of apps are being bought and downloaded each year and since 2008, when the iPhone App Store first opened, there have been countless of other app stores announced and launched. The phones that we use today were revolutionized by the app stores around the web. They allow us to upgrade and streamline not only our phones, but also our daily chores and work load a little bit better. It’s not hard to understand that their revenue is going to be higher and higher each year since more smartphones are being sold and the technology in them is getting ever more advanced.

Back in 2010, the revenue for the whole year when it came to apps was $5.2 billion, and this year (2011) it’s projected to be over $15.1 billion. It’s an insane amount of money coming from just apps. Also add to that all the cell phones being sold and all the junk that we call accessories. As you quickly understand, the mobile industry is big business for everyone successful enough to make good stuff for their customers. Apple is one of the best out of those it seems, and they are bringing in a crap load of cash for being on top of their game.

The people over at WebpageFX decided to crunch the numbers and what came out was this infographic showcasing how each app store is doing. By the looks of it, Apple is doing best when it comes to the apps. Even though the Android operating system is on far more smartphones out there, Apple is still the one raking in the most cash on their apps. If that is because they have been around longer I don’t know, but it should be proof that Apple is doing something right to keep their customers buying apps from their app store. I am sure that many will have their own opinion about this, and if you do, please share it in the comment section so we can get a good debate going. What phone are you using and why? How many apps do you think you acquire each month, and how many of those are you using on a daily basis?

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App Store Wars Timeline Infographic