Arcade Pinball: Drool Worthy iPad Pinball Emulator Accessory

A friend of mine and I used to have enormous battles after school playing pinball. We were working on some software together, and during the pauses, we used to gear up Pinball Fantasies on our Amiga 500 to rock some scores. We had to time our battles since we usually played way longer than intended. It was a Swedish made game from a group of people who used to create demos, the show off visual demonstrations every coder did and spread.

However, since then, there have been copycats doing the same games over and over, and it’s grown quite tiresome. That is, until now, when I found probably the greatest iPad accessory to date. It’s the Pinball Magic (App)cessory which has recently been made available through the awesome online store called Brookstone for the geeky price of $39.95.

Simply slide your iPad into the dock, and you will have yourself a miniature pinball arcade machine. Crank up the volume on your iPad and get playing. No coins and no time limits or people waiting in line for you to finish. Just play your heart out and break the high scores over and over again. Maybe I should call my friend again to arrange for a night of Pinball madness. It would be a pleasure kickin’ some butt again.