Are Newsletters Effective? – How To Take Advantage Of Email Marketing

If you are in the marketing world, then you are likely familiar with email marketing. But when it comes to discussing the advantages and disadvantages of this marketing tactic, there seems to be a great divide.

So while some may argue that email marketing is dead, we are here to claim that it really is anything but. In fact, just look at the klaviyo email marketing agency. They have mastered this marketing tactic and helped numerous companies grow enormous results from their email campaigns.

To further support this, recent studies have shown that over 40% of marketers claim email marketing is the most important component of their campaign’s success. Plus, when consumers were polled, over 70% said they most prefer to hear from businesses over email.

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The world has gone digital, and most of us are checking our emails every single day. So when it comes to finding ways to engage with consumers. Email marketing should really be at the top of your list of channels.

The habits of your consumers can not be ignored, and checking email is one of the most common daily habits for the majority. But when it comes to creating an email marketing campaign that is actually effective, there are some strategies that you should really try to implement.

1. Make It Personal

Being personable with your consumers is the golden rule of marketing in general. This can be something as simple as addressing the consumer individually by name in the email. Thanks to coding and technology, doing this has never been easier.

But personalization should not stop there. You want to make sure the actual content in your email is just as appealing to the individual as well. This means sending them products that they will be interested in, sending updates that make sense to their geographic location or reminding them of an abandoned shopping cart. Plus, timing is everything, too, when it comes to mastering the art of email personalization.

2. Do Your Research

There is always room to improve when it comes to email marketing campaigns. This means that you will want to always have your finger on the pulse when it comes to the overall consumer experience for your emails. Understand what links they are clicking on, what the bounce rate is, and how long they are likely to spend reading it.

One way to also really get a detailed read is by sending requests for feedback. This will not only help you understand how to stay relevant to them, but also provide you with new insight that your marketing campaigns can further build on.

3. Connect To Sales Goals

One of the biggest drivers of email marketing success is the connection it can have to boost sales results. Recent studies have shown that a great email marketing campaign can actually be one of the biggest sources of return on investment for measuring direct product sale results.

When you master the art of email marketing campaigns, you will be able to also feature a variety of products and services that are made even more appealing by attaching special promotions or offers to them.

Recent research even indicates that up to 60% of recipients are directly influenced by emails in their purchasing decisions. So why not really utilize this tool and have it drive the success of all your sales goals?

4. Inform Your Consumers

Email marketing is not just a great way to promote products but also a really effective way to enhance the communication of key messages you want your consumers to know. You are able to talk to them in an approachable way.

In general, people enjoy getting really thoughtful emails. Not only will they remember it, but they will likely use it as a comparison point for future emails they get from other companies. So why not make your email the shining star that sets the standard?

Even if your email does not offer any ground-breaking announcements, the thought that goes into letting your consumers know you appreciate them and are thinking of them can go a really long way.

5. Boost Your Website Traffic

Another great benefit of email marketing campaigns is that they can also directly enhance the amount of website traffic you get. When your email is designed in an engaging way, they will likely be inspired to then click through your link and learn more about your website. This gives you even more time to engage them and ultimately inspire them to connect with our brand.

6. Helps You Be Cost Effective

Creating great email marketing campaigns does not have to be a costly endeavor. In fact, you can engage with great agencies that will ensure you see impressive returns on investment.


With so many great benefits to gain from email marketing campaigns, why not master this and enjoy the impressive results to come?

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