Augmented Reality Cinema: A Movie Lovers App

I don’t normally write about concept design apps, but this one is super cool so I couldn’t resist. Although I don’t get away from my computer much to watch movies, I really enjoy them, which is probably why I am so intrigued by this.

I watched this video a few times, and I’m not sure where the augmented reality comes into play, but maybe I’m just missing something. I suppose if you think of AR in the most basic way, which is simply overlaying a computer image into a real situation, this would qualify as that. Either way, I’m blown away by the technology that would make this possible. This is such a creative use of GPS location data.

If you are on vacation in a city, you can hold up your iPhone to a building, in the street, or anywhere really and you will instantly be able to watch clips from movies that were filmed in that exact location. How cool is that? Have you ever taken a movie tour in a city? This app would take that experience to a whole new level. Apparently right now this conceptual app is only designed to work in London, but hopefully they will add other locations before it’s actually launched. You can keep up to date on the progress by going to Augmented Reality Cinema.

iPhone App Plays Location Movies

iPhone App Plays Location Movies

Via: [The Awesomer]