Are Automated Pre Roll Machines A Good Choice?

You are probably well aware of how tiresome the process of filling and rolling joints can be if you’re a cannabis retailer or brand. The process is incredibly time-consuming and tedious when done manually. That’s why many smoke shops and distilleries have started using alternative methods to handle these tasks more efficiently. One of those methods involves purchasing and relying on an automated industrial pre-roll machine.

Automated systems create less room for errors and fewer opportunities for contamination, allowing production to continue regardless of possible labor shortages. Although they are pricey, these machines come with many advantages. Let’s see why these pre-roll machines are a good choice overall.

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What Are Automated Pre-Roll Machines?

As you may know, automated pre-roll machines are cone-filling machines with dedicated slots for cones. The machines also come with a place where you can insert the herbs that will fill up the cones, producing a perfect joint each time. Such machines produce up to thousands of cones per hour.

You will come across two types of cone filling machines — the first one uses injections to fill up the cones with cannabis, while the second one uses vibrations and gravity to fill the cones. An automated pre roll & cone filling machine by Hefestus is an excellent example of the latter.

Pros Of Using An Automated Pre-Roll Machine

Now that you understand the basics of automated pre-roll machines, let’s see why there’s such hype surrounding them.

Reduced Costs

Automated machines’ goal is to produce many cones in a short period. Some devices can make up to 150 cones per minute, which is significant. For comparison, one person could not be able to produce one joint per minute. That’s why automation is essential for business. It helps grow the business and cut costs.

To produce a couple of hundred or even a thousand cones per hour, you would have to hire numerous people, significantly influencing your budget. It would be expensive and impact your schedule and program. Consequently, purchasing an automated cone-filling machine would definitely help you reduce costs.

Product Consistency

Naturally, one of the most significant advantages of an automated cone-filling machine is consistency. As you might know, one or more people cannot produce perfectly symmetrical joints every time. On the other hand, a machine could. The products would barely differ from one another, both the outer and inner layers. For example, the cones’ weights would not vary by more than 10% each time, much less than when they are made by hand.

Similarly, the products would look appealing, thus attracting and retaining more customers. While this might not sound like an important factor, believe us — it is.

Invested Labor

As we mentioned, manual labor could halt production. Business owners are not happy to let anyone go in these difficult times, but delegating your employees’ strengths might be a good thing for the company in the long run. You can read more about that here. You can utilize their knowledge and effort differently, as you would probably not need more than one set of hands to start the machine. The machine will do all the heavy lifting, not even requiring supervision.

Possible Disadvantages

As with anything, you could expect to run into some disadvantages when opting for an automated pre-roll machine. Luckily, the cons of purchasing one are not huge, nor would they impact you significantly. The most significant disadvantage of these machines is their price. They do not come cheap, but the cost will pay off if you are willing to invest in your business.

Secondly, you will need to think about the machine’s sizing if running a small business. These machines take up some space, depending on the manufacturer. So, it might be a bit challenging to fit one in if you’re short on space. Keep that in mind when purchasing one.

If you’re a distillery or a retailer, you will probably want to step up your game to keep up with the big names. Purchasing an automated pre-roll machine is an investment that would decrease labor costs and improve the products’ quality.

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