Owlet Baby Bootie Monitors Your Baby’s Vitals On Your Smartphone

I know from experience that becoming a parent can infuse a lot of worry into you. You’re constantly checking up on your bundle of joy. I found myself not sleeping well for fear of something bad happening to the most precious of all miracles. There are plenty of devices to help monitor your baby’s interaction with the world, but few keep you updated about your baby’s health and well being. The Owlet baby bootie is a device that will make new parents less worried.

This new baby bootie was developed by Owlet Baby Monitor, and it is called, not surprisingly, Owlet Care. It’s a revolutionary new baby monitor put on the baby’s foot, like a sock, and it monitors the baby’s vitals. Not only that, but it will send all of its collected data directly to your smartphone so you know how your baby is doing 24/7 in realtime. For parents constantly worrying about their baby, this is a device that could definitely help relieve some of that stress.

A custom application makes sure that at all times you have an easy overview of your baby’s health. This bootie generates data, which will tell you stuff like the baby’s position, temperature, oxygen levels and heart rate.

This baby bootie is looking for funding in order to finalize its design and marketing, but the project was rejected by Kickstarter for reasons I don’t know. But where there is a will, there is a way, right? The developers of this wonderful little gadget decided to build their own crowdfunding site in order to raise the money needed to finish up the product. Did it work? I guess you could say that since with over 18 days left, the crowdfunding campaign has already reached their goal of raising $100,000 and continues to raise money to refine the product. You can get one of these baby bootie devices for $159.00 over at the Owlet’s official website.

Owlet Baby Bootie Vitals Monitoring Device

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Baby Bootie Health Monitor

Baby Bootie Health Monitor

Baby Bootie Health Monitor

Baby Bootie Health Monitor

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