Don’t Be A Fool: Be Sure To Make Back Up Files [Infographic]

With the increasing amount of data we accumulate each day, there is one thing that has always been a worrying factor, and that is the risk of losing it all. I don’t think I have to tell anyone about the risks of being hacked or having a virus injected into your computer or server. In an instant, everything you have saved and stored could be deleted or polluted. There is a constant push campaign that urges you not to be a fool, and instead, be sure to make back up files.

Keeping back up files is probably something that most people think is a good idea, right? Despite that, statistics show a whole different mindset when it comes to actually updating those files. As few as 10% of adults using a computer keep their back up files and update them regularly. That is quite astonishing knowing that everything could be gone in an instant. All it takes is a lightning strike and your hard drive could be kaput.

The reality when it comes to files being destroyed is a harsh one. If you neglect to keep back up files and do so on a daily basis, you will run the risk of completely losing everything you have saved. It’s not a pleasant experience, I can tell you that. I have had several hard drives get crunked for me, but I have always kept back up files of most things. Of course, if you update your files on a weekly basis, you are always bound to lose something in the process when something really go wrong, but at least you have files that are fairly updated. You should always strive to update your files more frequently than that. When the day comes that your stuff goes poof, you’ll be happy you kept updating your back up files.

The shocking truth about how often people make a back up copy of their files is presented in an infographic called, Peace Of Mind? Back It Up!, presented by Seagate. The shock factor of this is of course that 90% of adults feel their content is valuable, yet only 10% are actually making a back up on a daily basis. Those statistics are quite worrying if you ask us. So, in order to save you the trouble of losing everything you have accumulated, make sure you back up your data. Try to create a batch of back up files on a daily basis, but if you can’t, at least do it on Sundays when you have a little bit of extra time to spend on the process. It’s usually not more than a couple of mouse clicks, if even that.

Shocking Back Up Files Statistics

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