The Best Father’s Day Gifts For The Active Dad

Despite your dad’s best intentions, you probably spent your fair share of time sitting in front of the TV as a kid. Your education before the screen showed an archetypal sitcom father who sat on the couch, drinking beer and watching TV — a man who was more invested in his sports team than his family. The contrast between TV dads and your own couldn’t be any more different. Not only was your dad there for you all the time, but he rarely sat in a recliner living life through his cable. Far from it!

If your dad’s the type who’s always out looking for something to do, forgo the usual IOU for dinner or gift card this Father’s Day. Get him a piece of tech as daring as he is, so you can help him chase down his next adventure.

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A Smart Compass For His Bike

Mountain bikers and road cyclists alike will love this addition to their handlebars. The Beeline smart compass is a neat little accessory that clamps easily onto his bike, giving him compass-style distance and direction information at a glance. The compass doesn’t just monitor real-time direction, it also helps dad plan his perfect route and track previous rides stats. The Beeline syncs up with his Galaxy, so he can review his trips, save his favorite routes, and share his top stats with others in the Beeline community. It’s simple to use and, best of all, its long battery life means it can keep up dad’s RPMs.

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A Black Camo Galaxy S9 Skin

Whether he’s hiking a nearby trail or bush-whacking his way through the woods, it’s just plain smart to have a phone on these adventures. Not only will he be able to call if he runs into any trouble, but he’ll also be able to snap the perfect shot of that strange fungus he found on a felled tree. Though the Galaxy S9 is made of tough stuff, it’s not ready to hit the trails straight out of the box.

Dirt and rough handling can scratch up the vulnerable aluminum. Meanwhile, the S9 is all too easy to drop while taking a selfie. That’s why dad needs a black camo Galaxy skin. Though it’s the latest design fresh and hot out of dbrand’s kitchen, it comes with the same grip-enhancing properties that come built into every pattern.

Black camo isn’t just a cool look that will blend seamlessly into its environments. The grey-scale camouflage comes in light, medium, and dark patterns, each of which is individually texturized to provide the best grip possible. That means dad will never accidentally drop his phone when he’s taking a selfie.

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A Portable Water Filtration System

For the dad who’s backpacking off the beaten trail, it can be hard to stay hydrated. Water is too heavy to carry, but some of the country’s lakes and streams can’t be trusted as potable sources. Or, in the case of Flint, Michigan, neither can some of the country’s cities.

Luckily, dad can keep optimum hydration levels when you give him the LifeStraw this year. It’s a small device that can filter up to 4,000 liters of contaminated water into something that’s safe to drink. The LifeStraw is also easy to pack, measuring just nine inches long and weighing only two ounces. If you are looking for something more traditional, check out this guide of the best portable filtered water bottles.

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Crystal-Clear Binoculars

If dad leaves all traces of society behind so he can sneak a peek at the wildlife, then it’s time you equip him with a set of waterproof binoculars from Luger. The Luger LR set is a quality-made device that offers up to 10-times magnification and a 114/1000m field of view. These stats amount to a dependable set of binoculars that will help your dad catch birds, deer, and other little creatures in his viewfinder.

While some binoculars can run up a tab of $1,000 or more, this Luger set is much more affordable. It also comes with a convenient pouch, belt loop, and floating straps, so dad can pack it easily into any bag or daypack.

When dad’s busy living his life, he doesn’t’ have time for bad gifts. Leave the stereotypical #1 dad mug for kids who have lethargic fathers. For yours, stick to gadgets made for the active man in mind.

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