Computer Recliner Provides Total Comfort For Computer Geeks

As a computer geek, you always spend insane amounts of time in front of your computer. It doesn’t really matter whether you are playing games, coding or just browsing the web. You can easily lose track of time and find that several hours have gone by without even really noticing it. It’s a common day for a computer geek, and one that can strain your eyes, neck and pretty much everything else in your body. A comfortable chair is key to successfully completing a project, whatever it is. But usually chairs are just ordinary office chairs with a little bit more padding in them. It helps to some extent, but it’s not the ultimate solution. What computer geeks need is a way to slip into a resting position, much like a computer recliner, and still be able to work proficiently.

Many have tried to bring this concept to popularity, but none (as far as I know), have successfully been able to do just that. Maybe the uChair computer recliner is the breakthrough we need. It’s a computer recliner that at first sight looks far too geeky for anyone. But hold that thought for just a second. This recliner has an ace up its sleeve, and it might just help you hit those impossible deadlines.

In the armrests of this computer recliner, you will find your keyboard. It’s split in half, thus making it way more ergonomic. Furthermore, you can easily slip your display or laptop into an optimal position with the pivoting “holder.” To make it even more comfortable, it has an adjustable neck cushion than will enable you to find the ultimate position for you to keep working even though you are laying down.

With a price tag of just $699.00, I think this computer recliner has every possibility of becoming a popular way for computer geeks to stay connected longer. There’s no doubt it would be a great recliner to have when you have those dreadful deadlines to meet. The danger is of course that once you’re in a vertical position, your eyes could easily play tricks on you, making you go shuteye before you know it. I have to say though, I could definitely see myself using one of these computer recliners any busy day of the week.

uChair – Ergonomic Computer Recliner