Best Technology For A Virtual Get-together

Ever since the pandemic has landed into our lives, the need for virtual tools to manage our social lives became further crucial. Since our parties, game nights, and even workout sessions have become virtual and we have gone dependent on technologies to connect with our kith and kin more than ever.

Today, with the help of virtual technology, we can plan parties and get-togethers at our own place, at any time of our choice, through our phones. If you feel you need a host and want to make your virtual event much more happening with great games and entertaining activities, plan your next get-together with and catch up on the fun.

Here are some of the best technologies for get-together which made our lives much easier.

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Just in a matter of a few weeks after the announcement of the pandemic, Zoom became a popular name for virtual-calling. With over 500 million users on Play Store and 96K users on App Store, Zoom is one of the most popular and user-friendly applications which facilitates connecting with friends, families, co-workers, and even students through video calls.

Zoom can connect up to 100 participants at a time for a get-together when you select a standard, default meeting set-up. However, if you have a huge and bigger get-together to organize, you can select the add-on for Large Meeting which can connect up to 500 participants at a time. You can even send invites to people through the mail, WhatsApp messenger, or text message. The invite will display the Meeting ID & Password. Participants can directly join-in through website links and enter the password, or through the application.

There are multiple features, which makes Zoom a great application for get-togethers. You can see all the participants in a bunch of 4 at a time on your screen. You can even share your screen to project some photos, memory collages, or show some nostalgic video to refresh old memories, or watch a movie virtually together or, play some virtual games, or quizzes.

In case, you didn’t clean your house before the get-together, you can just blur your surrounding in a click. The feature of muting the participants in Zoom will further make you host the get-together in a noise-free way.


Houseparty is another popular technology and one of the most interesting technologies for organizing a great get-together. With multiple game options, Houseparty is popular for planning a get-together of 8 or less at a time. The technology makes an effortless face-to-face connection.

Houseparty allows you to play games like Heads Up!, trivia, UNO, Pictionary, and much more. As soon as you open the app, your friends would know you are all set for the get-together.


Skype is a renowned technology since we have been using it for a long time now. Whether you want to make a video call to a friend, office colleague, or someone staying abroad, Skype would be the first name that would strike in our minds! Skype is used for virtual audio as well as video calling. The platform features calling, messaging, and video-calling your friends and contacts.

You can make separate groups and plan your virtual get-togethers accordingly. For instance, you can have a group for your school friends, and another one for your colleagues. Each group can have up to 50 people per video session which is a great way to plan a rocking get-together. You can even record the conversations, call cell phones to invite an inactive member, send voicemails, share photos, and do much more.

Google Meet

Google Meet is another popular and designated name in the world of virtual calling. Formerly called Google Hangout, Google Meet can allow hosting a get-together of around 250 people. You can also live-stream your videos, post statuses, photos, maps, emojis, stickers, animated GIFs, and much more.

With Google Meet, you can schedule and send an invite for the get-together and people can join in through the link.


Most popular amongst the youngsters, Snapchat is another technology that can always keep you party-ready with its variant Face lenses. Right from giving heart-shaped freckles, to adding adorably cute glasses or cat ears, you can use variant filters that were used while chatting, even when on a video call. You can plan a fancy get-together over Snapchat with up to 15 friends at a time.

There are many more such virtual technologies available with quite exciting features to make get-togethers a fun and engaging time. Let’s hope things get back to normal soon, till then we can enjoy our virtual parties.

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