Thermochromic Workout Shirts Change Color With Your Body Temperature

As far as I know, there hasn’t been a lot of innovation when it comes to workout clothes over the past several years. When you walk into a store to buy workout clothes, everything pretty much looks the same now as it did a decade ago. Well, that was until this thermochromic workout wear was introduced a few days ago.

This is another one of those Kickstarter projects that got funded almost instantly. They were hoping to raise $30,000 and with 29 days left, they’ve already raised over $83,000. There is obviously a market for this fabric.

Thermochromic technology is nothing new, but with the popularity of wearable tech right now, it’s gaining the attention of people who never considered it before. Just two weeks ago, I wrote about a pair of Thermochromic Jeans that hit the market. As you get cold or warm, the jeans change color. This workout wear works the same way. As your body temperature heats up, it changes color.

This could be especially useful for your workout since the color of your shirt could somewhat alert you about how effective your workout is. I mean, if you aren’t getting your blood pumping and increasing your heartbeat, you won’t heat up, and if you don’t heat up, your thermochromic shirt won’t change colors. The interesting thing here is that since only certain parts of this shirt will change color (just like the jeans), you’ll know which parts of your body you’re exercising the most if that makes sense.

Since this campaign is well over its funding goal, it’s a sure thing. You can purchase one of these shirts for the discounted Kickstarter price by clicking over to the Radiate Athletics Kickstarter page. They start at $20 each and go up from there depending on which design you choose. Who would have ever guessed that wearable tech would have a place in the gym?

Thermochromic Shirts Change Color If You Get A Good Workout






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