What Are The Best Vacuum Cleaners This Year

Buying the best vacuum cleaner is much more difficult than it seems. It can even be a stressful experience for a lot of people, especially those who are new to vacuum cleaner shopping.

There are just so many choices and decisions to make. What type of vacuum do you want to buy? What kind of features do you want to have in your vacuum? What brand to entrust your money to?

That’s just a few of the numerous questions that a vacuum buyer has to ask themselves whenever they want to purchase a new model. But, at TheKingLive, we believe that it shouldn’t be so frustrating and complicated to find and buy a decent vacuum cleaner.

Our market analysts have compiled a list of the best vacuum cleaners for you today. See if it has a model that suits your fancy.

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Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner – Shark Navigator Lift-Away ZU561

As part of Shark’s famed Navigator upright vacuum series, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away ZU561 has a lot of responsibility on its shoulders.

Fortunately, the Shark ZU561 ranked very highly among our testers and customers alike. Both in terms of performance, design, and overall value. If you’re looking for a great, affordable upright vacuum to clean up your home, we highly recommend you to consider this model.

Decent Cleaning Performance

In our tests, the ZU561 did excellently on the bare floors. When we tested it on hardwood, the vacuum’s strong suction can cleanly sweep up everything we threw at it. From dirt and dust, to large debris pieces and pet hair, the ZU561 can deal with them all without even a slight hiccup.

Carpeting is a different story. Although the vacuum has very strong suction and a capable motorized brush roll, the ZU561 is ultimately hamstrung by the lack of a carpet-height adjustment lever. It makes cleaning high-pile carpeting unnecessarily difficult. Fortunately, you will still get decent performance on low-pile carpeting.

Zero-M Self-Cleaning Brush Roll

A notable feature that the ZU561 has is the Zero-M Self-Cleaning brush roll. Basically, if you use the vacuum to clean pet hair, the brush roll can prevent hair clumps and clogs from forming inside.

This is great news for pet owners since you won’t have to spend as much time cleaning or maintaining the vacuum.

Lightweight Design & Lift-Away Mode

The ZU561 is a fairly lightweight upright vacuum. It weighs 13.4 pounds when fully-assembled. But its weight can be halved down to around 6 or 7 pounds when you engage the Lift-Away mode.

Lift-Away is a special design that allows you to convert the ZU561 from an upright vacuum to a handheld canister vacuum.

Press the Lift-Away button and the “core” canister will detach from the rest of the vacuum. Inside of the canister is the suction motor, dust cup, and filtering system. In other words, all of the essentials. You can carry this canister around and clean using the flexible suction hose.

It makes cleaning jobs that require portability like cleaning the ceiling or the car significantly easier.

Power, Dust Cup & Filtration

The ZU561 comes with a 25 feet power cord. It is quite short, so you may need to use an extension cord. The dust cup is very generous in size and can hold about 2 dry quarts.

An air filtering system is also included and it is very robust. It includes Shark’s Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology and a HEPA filter. If you have allergy sufferers in your house, the vacuum can keep pollen levels in the house in-check.

Best Stick Vacuum Cleaner – Dyson V15 Detect

When Dyson first announced the Dyson V15 Detect a couple of weeks ago, excitement ran wild through the tech industry. Without a doubt, it is currently the most advanced vacuum cleaner on the market at the moment.

Excellent cleaning performance aside, the V15 Detect is also loaded with many fancy features. Despite costing a pretty penny, it will be a great investment to make if you have the cash to spare.

Excellent Performance

We got our hands on a unit just about a week ago. During our tests, the V15 Detect exceeded all expectations we got for it.

Just like its predecessor — the V11 Torque Drive — the V15 Detect was able to suck up dirt and debris on hardwood floors and carpeting alike

It generally does a very quick and efficient job at it, too, usually needing only a single pass to scoop up everything on its path. From large debris like cereal pieces to pet hair, the vacuum can deal with them all without even breaking a sweat.

We were most impressed with the vacuum’s cleaning performance on high-pile carpets.

For this test, we put the V15 in “Boost Mode”, which basically means maximum suction. The vacuum was able to dislodge every single stray dirt particle and debris from the dense carpet fiber.

Compared to the V11, the high-pile performance of the V15 Detect is better thanks to an improved suction motor. The V11 was only able to produce 185 air-watt of suction, while the upgraded motor of the V15 can produce up to 240 air-watt.

Dynamic Load Sensor (DLS)

Another thing that the V15 has in common with the V11 is the computer-controlled suction system. The cleaning head of the vacuum contains a sensor (Dynamic Load Sensor) that can tell exactly what type of floor you’re currently on.

If you’re on bare floors, the vacuum will throttle down suction to prevent damages to your floors. On the other hand, if it detects thick carpet piling, it will increase suction to help you rip out all of the stubborn debris.

Laser Dirt Detector

The V15 has an additional feature, though. This one is new and much more exciting: a laser dirt detecting system.

At the front of the cleaning head is a green laser emitter. It will light up all of the invisible dust particles on the floors in front of you. So, you will be able to find dirty spots on the floor and clean them up.

The sensor can detect particles as small as pollens and microscopic dust. It will display information (amount of dirt particles and their sizes) on the LCD screen for you.

This feature works exceptionally well in dark spaces.

Premium Design

The V15 Detect still has the same beautiful, slim, and lightweight design of the V11.

When fully assembled, this stick vacuum only weighs around 7 pounds. If you remove the suction wand and turn it into a handheld, the vacuum’s weight drops down to only 2 or 3 pounds.

A prominent design feature of Dyson V-series vacuums from the V11 Torque Drive and up is the LCD screen at the back of the motor housing. The screen can show you the current cleaning mode, remaining battery life, and diagnostic messages. It makes the user experience unique and much more convenient.

The dust cup can hold 0.68 dry quarts, which is fairly small.

Battery Life

One of the very few complaints that our testers had about this vacuum is the battery life. While cleaning using the default Auto Mode, the longest run-time that we got was only around 30 minutes. That is rather mediocre (but understandable, considering all of the tech on-board.)

Fortunately, the V15 Detect has click-in batteries. If one cell runs out of charge, you can remove and replace it with an extra battery in only a couple of seconds.

Another thing we found is that the battery takes a frustratingly long time to charge. We had to wait 4.5 hours for the battery to be fully charged up again.

Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner – Miele Complete C3 Vacuum For Soft Carpet

When it comes to canister vacuum cleaners, Miele is definitely the leading brand. Though they tend to be fairly pricey, Miele vacuums always perform well and reliably. According to many veteran Miele users, a vacuum from the brand can easily last five years or more, depending on how well you maintain it.

So, look at these vacuums more like a long-term investment rather than an expensive purchase that you have to make. The price tag will be less of a shock, then.

As for our choice in today’s article, allow us to introduce you to the Miele Complete C3 Vacuum for Soft Carpet. Despite the name, it can work on all surfaces, don’t worry.

Versatile Performance

6-Setting Suction System

The vacuum comes with six different suction power settings. Each of which was designed specifically for a special type of surface/material.

  1. Curtains & Fabric
  2. Upholstery & Cushions
  3. Deep Pile Carpets, Rugs & Runners
  4. Energy-saving Mode (Quiet Mode)
  5. Low-pile Carpet & Rugs
  6. Hard Floors & Heavily-soiled Carpets, Rugs

Useful Cleaning Tools

Most of the vacuum’s cleaning magic is actually derived from the included tools.

On bare floors, Miele recommends that you use the included SBB 300-3 Parquet Twister Floorhead, which was designed specifically for cleaning hardwood. And indeed, our performance shows near-perfect cleaning efficiency on hardwood while using this tool.

On carpeting, you can use the SEB 228 Electro Plus Floorhead for Soft Carpet. Once again, despite the name, it works on both low-pile and high-pile carpets alike. We also recorded an exceptional dirt and debris pick-up rate. Pet hair also wasn’t much of an issue with this vacuum.

Aside from the two floorheads, you also get a dusting brush, upholstery tool, and a crevice tool.

Compact & Portable Design

Like every other canister vacuum, the Complete C3 possesses a very compact and portable design.

Though the full canister weighs a rather hefty 12 pounds, you don’t have to deal with the weight often. With the sole exception of carrying it up and down the stairs, the canister moves around on caster wheels. All you have to do is to tug it along with you as you go through the house.

Type-GN Dust Bag

The Miele Complete C3 is a bagged vacuum and uses Miele’s proprietary Type-GN dust bag. It is very well made and has a pretty decent volume (4.76 dry quarts). Each bag will last around a week or so.

However, because of the bag’s quality construction, it is pretty expensive. Keep this in mind before you purchase the vacuum.

AirClean Sealed System & HEPA Filtering

The vacuum has Miele’s AirClean Sealed System, which prevents dirt and other harmful particles from leaking out of the vacuum. Additionally, the HEPA filter inside of the canister will also capture all of the pollen and bacteria in the air. If you have allergies, you can count on the Complete C3 to protect your health.

Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner – Dyson Micro 1.5kg

Dyson was so proud of the Dyson Micro’s mini-size that its weight was actually included in the name. And they have legitimate reason to be proud: for such a capable vacuum, it is surprisingly small and lightweight.

If you want the lightest, most portable vacuum that model can buy, this will surely be it.

Bare Floors-centric Performance

In our performance test, the Dyson Micro 1.5kg (we’ll just call it “Micro”) only managed to clean bare surfaces. This is to be expected considering its size.

On bare floors, the vacuum can pick up a decent amount of dust and dirt. Small debris can be scooped up in a single pass. However, for large debris like cereal bits, the Micro left behind a few pieces here and there.

The vacuum is not to be used on carpeting. It doesn’t have the power for that.

Mini Design

The selling point of the Micro is its super small size and lightweight. To give you a sense of scale, the entire vacuum is no larger than a soccer ball. When put on our digital scale, the vacuum weighs exactly 1.5 kilograms (3.3 pounds).

The dust cup has a volume of around 0.6 dry quarts.

Decent Battery Life

Battery life is adequate for a handheld. During our test, the battery lasts roughly 25 minutes during normal cleaning. When we turned on Max power mode, battery life plummets down to only 10 minutes.

Unfortunately, Dyson didn’t design the Micro with a click-in battery mechanism like the V15 Detect.


So, these are the best vacuum cleaners this year according to our database. We hope that you have enjoyed our reviews and even found a great vacuum to buy in the list!

Whichever model you decide to purchase, we’re certain that it will satisfy your cleaning needs. But if you haven’t found a model that you like, you can browse more of our best vacuum cleaner reviews. We got more models for you to check out on TheKingLive. See you around.

If you are interested in even more technology-related articles and information from us here at Bit Rebels, then we have a lot to choose from.

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