$1 Million Vacuum Cleaner For The Cleaning Pimp

When I went to high school, we had a teacher who used to sell vacuum cleaners for a living. As always, he went on and on about how he was one of the best of the sellers of his particular brand. It’s always fun to listen to old stories from someone who truly knows his or her trade, and he certainly did. I remember him telling us that whenever he went door-to-door to possibly close a deal, he had a number of tricks up his sleeve which he used to demonstrate the superior quality of what he was selling compared to the vacuum cleaner the person was already using. To me, it has always been a mystery how a vacuum could ever get worse at sucking up those evil dust particles.

He continued to tell us that he used to secretly and skillfully open the little “valve” on the handle that you can find on most vacuums, and by doing that, he’d make the customer’s vacuum seem old and useless compared to what he had to offer. Good salespeople don’t stop at anything, right? Well, if you want to really buy a top of the line vacuum cleaner, I would suggest you have a look at GoVacuum GV62711 which is so shiny, it will blind you.

It is actually plated in 24K gold and will probably make your neighbors very jealous. It so happens that this $1 million ($999.999 plus free shipping) vacuum cleaner is now on sale. Yup, so if you have a few extra bucks in that wallet of yours, this could totally make you vacuum that house of yours in style. If you ever wanted an expensive household gadget, this has to be the one to get. I mean, you’d never leave a 24K gold plated vacuum cleaner in the closet collecting dust, right?


Via: [Geekosystem]