Bulavkus: World’s Smallest USB Flash Safety Drive

Recently I found myself short on storage space. Yup, you know that feeling when you have a ton of files that you just can’t delete, but you have nowhere to store them. Storage space is pretty cheap these days, and you can easily get 1 terabyte for around $150, if not less. But we always seem to run out of memory when we just don’t have time to run down to the local computer store to buy more. It’s like it’s the only way you can run out of space. Usually we can maneuver content onto different hard drives, make backups and delete duplicates in order to make room for more content. However, it’s not always that we have time for that, right?

There are some clever solutions out there that will somewhat solve this problem, but they are bulky. I am of course talking about USB flash drives. They can be quite an annoyance and are easily misplaced. It can ruin your whole day if you stored some important data on such a stick only to misplace it an hour later. That’s why I think the Bulavkus is a super intelligent option that definitely gets rid of a lot of these annoyances.

It’s another one of those life changing designs from the always innovative Art Lebedev Studio (makers of the Optimus Maximus keyboard) who seems to kick out designs to thrill our world seemingly on an industrial scale. It’s a simple yet innovative solution to the problem of misplacing your USB Flash memory and to downsize its impact in your already crowded gadget pocket park, if you know what I mean. It was released on the 16th of April 2012, but I can’t seem to find a price for it. However, it’s a pretty straight forward technology so I couldn’t imagine this being too expensive, at least not if you compare it to the time it will save you storing data on an ordinary USB flash stick and then looking for the darn thing. Simple is always the best way to go.



Via: [Yanko Design]