BumpTop: A Different Kind Of Desktop Reality By Google

Mac OS and Microsoft Windows are the two leading operating systems used by consumers around the world. The interfaces that we see today are virtually the same as they were in the very beginning when Microsoft released their first Windows incarnation. Not many new features have been injected into the new WISYWIG interfaces through the years except for some major visual features to dazzle us with effects and smoother transitions.

Sure there is some software you can install to make your desktop a bit more interesting and unique, but it usually slows down your computer and makes it a little annoying to work on. However, there is a new software that will make both your Mac and your PC look quite futuristic and fun to deal with.

If you happen to be one of the lucky ones that has a flatscreen touchscreen, you are going to experience some really cool features and probably get a heck of a lot more creativity since your inspiration will be boosted to unknown levels.

BumpTop is a new and advanced 3D desktop operating system software that sits on top of your regular operating system and adds a bit more umph to the way you are used to handling icons, files, pictures, etc… BumpTop was available for download for free until this month when Google acquired the company. We don’t know what Google will do with this technology, but you must admit it’s pretty cool!