Is Buying Online Medication Safe?

Technology has made everything easier, it’s now possible to buy prescription-only drugs over the internet, and I’m not talking about the dark markets. As easy as it may seem, two issues arise from such a situation, unique on their own yet intersecting, which are the vaguely legality and safety this practice may operate under.

The concept of buying online medication is a great one, yet it seems that it’s not refined enough to the point where it’s become similar to purchasing drugs from a pharmacy in terms of legality and safety.

The difference can be juxtaposed with online purchases of electronics; there is no harm on your life if you purchase a phone with a scratched camera, buying the wrong medication, on the other hand, is far from being safe.

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Prescription drugs are usually very important, buying them from some random online pharmacy with a discount without doing a check can unknowingly lead you to end up with fake, expired, or diluted drugs.

There is a different angle to look at buying drugs online from. Some online pharmacies happen to be unregistered and don’t require valid prescriptions. This doesn’t just pose a risk for those who have valid prescriptions, it can also open a door for drug abuse.

The dilemma of purchasing illicit drugs on the streets is virtually mirrored in the cyber dimension of online drug stores. The risk of getting fake drugs can also harm a self-diagnosed person; just like purchasing drugs from an unknown source on the street, more often than not, it’s the impurities that cause the most fatal complications of drug abuse.

This is why asking if buying online medication is safe or not is a very important question that could perhaps save you a lot of trouble. We’ll try our best to objectively answer the question while weighing the pros against the cons of such a process.

Signs Of A Suspicious Pharmacy

There are some things to look for when you want to confirm if you’d like to deal with an online pharmacy or not. The most important one is to check if the pharmacy would allow you to purchase prescription-only medicine without a valid prescription or not.

This point may be a bit tricky as it can depend on your location; some drugs are prescription-only in some countries and over-the-counter in other ones. If the prices you see are too good to be true, that may actually be the case, especially if they’re spamming your email with cheap medicine offers all the time.

You don’t want to have the wrong or unknown active ingredients in your body as it can be very dangerous. Many countries like the USA, are issuing formal ways to help you know if you should be suspicious of an online pharmacy or not.

Self-Diagnosing And Safety

Not all online medicine stores sell prescription drugs, some may stick to selling OTC drugs or drugs not reviewed by the medical organization of your country. Self-diagnosing can be a double-edged weapon. Sometimes self-diagnosing by trying out a few Nootropics could prove beneficial as you begin to learn more about your ailments and how to resolve them.

According to, a drug like Noopept, for example, can be used safely to improve memory as it has no interactions with other drugs and doesn’t need a prescription. Self-diagnosing can go sour when you decide you need prescription drugs without asking for a professional medical opinion.

When you’re scouting an online store to deliver a certain medicine, you’d want to check as many reviews as you can from people who purchased from the store before. Fake, expired, and low-quality drugs can be dangerous; check the brand carefully, the active substance, and if possible, some choose to run it from a pharmaceutical testing lab to know for sure, you can’t be too safe.

Retail Pharmacies

When you’re choosing between online pharmacies, it’s recommended to pick a pharmacy which has physical roots, in other words, a retail pharmacy. A lot of local pharmacies are currently offering online shopping experiences. They should be recognizable and safer to buy from unless you’re suspecting that the local pharmacy itself has a questionable reputation, not to mention avoiding phishing websites as well.

Some pharmacies don’t have a retail presence yet are trustworthy, they aren’t a lot yet aren’t just a few. Some online pharmacies work with insurance companies looking for a deal on big orders for the discount. You can rest assured that pharmacies that supply insurance companies are regulated and hassle-free.

Minimizing Errors

While buying medication online should be done with a few extra precautions, buying from a store also shares some of those precautions. You’ll want to share your medication list with your doctor in case of any hospitalization, so keep track of all the medications you take, whether it is OTC or prescribed.

Minimize the use of alcohol while taking drugs for the first time, ask your doctor or research online to know if there are any interactions with alcohol or not. Interactions between drugs and alcohol aren’t the only ones you should be keeping an eye out for.

When you’re buying medicine online, interactions between the drugs themselves should be taken into account, since you may access to prescription-only drugs and you may not even know it when ordering.

The notion that the only safe medication you can buy is from a physical store is far from being right. There are a lot of online pharmacies that provide regulated and safe medicine with a minimal margin of error. The reason people resort to buying online medication is because of the variety and convenience.

No one wants to look all over the country for specific medications to get a few weeks supply; it’s definitely easier to find and compare prices of drugs if you’re doing it online. In this day and age, why would one choose not to go for such convenience?

When you seize such an opportunity you want to make sure that you’re taking into consideration many factors that can help you reach the medicine you’re looking for. Online medications can be generally safe if you take all the logical and legal precautions before you purchase them.

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