Intelligent OLED Light Surface To Cover Audi’s Future Vehicles

When we first saw TRON, a future world slowly formed inside our minds. When TRON: Legacy was released back in 2010, we further developed that idea into what could possibly come true one day – not so much the movie itself, but its technologies and love for light. It seems Audi has picked up on all that and decided to create one of the coolest car innovations in recent years. Their new intelligent OLED light surface could adorn all their vehicles in the future.

This new concept is a safety feature that could very well become an important one. It’s widely known that not all people who drive vehicles in traffic are keen on letting people know about what direction they intend to turn. Maybe Audi’s new intelligent OLED light surface could change all that. The new concept dubbed “The Swarm” is a highly animated light flow that could infuse more attention into where a vehicle is heading.

Since the lights are highly customizable, and could be created to display pretty much anything, this approach could prove quite valuable (and profitable) for Audi in the future. Audi even has plans of coating entire cars in this new form of intelligent OLED light surface. Add a sheet of Gorilla Glass 3 touchscreen glass on top of that, and we’ll have our own touchscreen cars. Of course, that would be highly impractical. However, the thought of having a whole car coated in an intelligent OLED light surface would allow us to change colors and patterns on our cars whenever we felt like it.

This is entirely focused around traffic safety, and how it may decrease the number of accidents that happen around the world. As a first step, Audi is going to implement their new intelligent OLED light surface on the boot of their cars. This will give them a first impression about how much it can really impact traffic safety and how other vehicles will behave around them. Audi’s new concept is not only groundbreaking, but it could lead to a whole new mindset when it comes to how we all communicate in traffic.

Audi’s Intelligent OLED Light Surface




Via: [Technabob]