Cashmere iPhone & iPad Sweaters To Keep Your Gear Warm

When the weather leans towards the winter, and there is a cold front heading our way, many times all our gadgets and gear start to get colder and colder. That can be a real issue if you hate being cold. It especially happens with gadgets that have a lot of metal on them. It can even become annoying to hold and work with them if you spend any amount of time outside or if your house is colder than a freezer. Some people tremble as they put their iPhone back in their jeans pocket and from a guys perspective, that’s not always a pleasant feeling. Just saying! There are a few things you can do to heat things up a bit. They don’t come cheap, but they’re not overly expensive either.

The Cashmere iPhone and iPad Sweaters are exactly what you need to keep your gear warm when your days are turning cold as ice. If you have ever wanted something to wrap around your Apple gear that not only keeps it safe and warm but also shows people you have a few bucks in your pocket to spend (for whatever reason that would be), these things are definitely for you. There’s nothing wrong with spoiling your gear every now and then, right?

I am not sure if they come in a pack or if they cost $75 each, but either way, they are the new trend among classy people. Classy meaning people who actually give a damn about their gadgets, I guess. They are designed by Katrin Leuze and are made available through Neiman Marcus. Indulge in the finer things for your iPhone or iPad, and I am sure you will forever love the snowy winters. You might even consider dressing up as Santa Clause for your kids at Christmas even though you have to wait outside for the better part of an hour. Things just got a whole lot warmer and softer in the gadget world!

Cashmere iPhone And iPad Sweaters

Cashmere iPhone And iPad Sweaters