Cell Phones For The Blind

Everyone with their sight intact has for long enjoyed the magic on any cell phone screen. Even if it was just the orange digits appearing on a device huge as a brick. As the evolution has progressed things have gone from cool to awesome and from awesome to iPhone when it comes cell phone technology. It seems like we have forgotten one huge factor in the development of new phones though. What about the blind? What about their way of living? Isn’t it everyone’s right to be able to use a cell phone without having to get help dialing the number?

Well, seems someone has already thought of that and has drawn up some designs on how this would really work. All that is missing for this to work is Artificial Plastic Behaviour and I don’t see that being developed anytime soon. But it’s a cool concept none the less and the phone is sleek and even more groundbreaking than the iPhone was when it first showed it’s face to the public.

Cell Phones For The BlindCell Phones For The BlindCell Phones For The Blind