The Ultimate Google Chrome Cheat Sheet

If you are a Google fan, you are no doubt using their Chrome browser. It is said to be the fastest browser around, and several studies show that this is actually accurate. However, there are a lot of things missing in Chrome that make it an annoyance to use. For example, any blogger knows that Chrome doesn’t allow the possibility to size images in WordPress, which makes it a browser not suited for any kind of blogging at all. Some people use it to speed things up in certain areas of their work, but they switch to another browser as soon as the limitations come knocking on the door. I tend to use Chrome solely for browsing and not much else.

Even though Chrome is considered the fastest browser available, you can still optimize things to be just a tad faster. With the help of this Google Chrome Cheat Sheet, you will find the tools necessary to speed things up even more. This particular cheat sheet is aimed at pretty much everyone who likes their Google Chrome browser. It includes developer tools and shortcuts, and even goes into certain commands to find out specific things about the sites you are visiting. It is a tool that any Chrome user will find useful.

Each browser has its own set of commands and shortcuts which make things a little more speedy. It’s a good thing to practice them since the second you know them, you will be super fast at doing what you do on the Internet. Usually these things are purely for developers, and this one is kind of leaning towards that as well, but for the average user this should reveal some really good advice on how to speed things up. If Google Chrome could just fix the annoyances of not including the same features as every other browser, I certainly wouldn’t mind using it for everything when I am working. But, in its current state, it just falls short of what it is I need and so it becomes a second hand choice when browsing the Internet.

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Via: [Google Cheat Sheet]