What To Look For In A Coffee Grinder

Buying your own coffee grinder is definitely the smartest move to make if you want freshness and the best taste out of your coffee brew. Grinding your own coffee beans enables you to maximize the enjoyment of your favorite cup of coffee.

By buying pre-ground beans, you may lose some of the coffee’s flavor, which is mostly the best element in enjoying your coffee. It is, therefore, essential to get yourself the best coffee grinder that will enable you to get the most out of your coffee beans. But before you get to the purchasing point, you should first be informed of the types of coffee grinders.

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Types Of Coffee Grinders

They are two types of coffee grinders: burr and blade. They both present different benefits and their details are discussed below.

Blade Grinders

Blade grinders are the most common type. They are easily found in most stores and malls and are conveniently cheap and easy to use. As the name suggests, these grinders feature a motor and a blade that rotates and grinds the coffee beans. All you have to do is put in the coffee beans, cover it and switch on the power button. The rotating blade will then do the rest and grind the coffee beans into small pieces.

If you want to achieve a finer grind, you should leave the blade grinder on for a bit longer. Its efficiency depends on the duration of the grind. It, however, sometimes fails to produce a grind of even consistency with pieces varying in sizes.

Burr Grinders

Burr grinders come in two types, conical and flat blade grinders. They both generally work by rotating and crushing coffee beans to achieve an even consistency. They are designed with two jagged steel or ceramic pieces set apart at a predetermined distance.

The coffee beans enter this space to be ground evenly. The fact that they can produce a fine grind with even consistency makes them superior to blade grinders. They are, however, pricier and may not fall within everyone’s budget.

Now that you are well informed on the different types of grinders, it is time to look at things to consider when getting a coffee grinder.

Here are a few considerations that you should look for in a coffee grinder.

1. Grind Consistency

A good grinder should come with a range of settings to enable you to get the consistency that you want. As you shop for one, you will encounter the terms stepped and stepless. Stepped grinders come with preset options that you can choose from. Stepless grinders, on the other hand, are not limited and give you an infinite range of choices. They enable you to get the specific grind consistency that you need.

2. Noise Emission

As you make coffee in the morning, you may not want to make much noise and wake up those still enjoying their sleep. It smart to go for the quietest coffee grinder you can get. Blade grinders are known to be quite louder as compared to their burr counterparts. When making an online purchase, it is essential to check out customer reviews on noise emission.

3. Ease Of Cleaning

If you are not willing to put in more effort and time in cleaning, then you should definitely look for a grinder that is easy to clean. Some grinders are designed to be simply wiped clean with a piece of cloth while others require reaching deep into crevices to clean them effectively. A grinder that is hard to clean can be frustrating. Again, customer reviews can help out here a great deal.

4. Durability

You should go for a grinder that is sturdily and expertly crafted to last longer. You wouldn’t want to replace you grinders time and again. Their prices, for instance, give a clue on the durability. You obviously get what you pay for, and cheaper ones won’t last as long as you may wish. If you can afford, spend more on a durable one and enjoy its benefits for years to come. The material used in the grinder’s construction also matters a great deal. Metal grinders will naturally last longer.

5. Size

Grinders come in various sizes. The choice here is simple, how much space do you have? The kitchen is usually a victim of limited space, probably due to a large number of kitchen appliances. Keep that in mind as you get your new coffee grinder.

Grinding your own coffee beans can be fulfilling. You will get to enjoy fresh and flavored coffee every morning. The grinder, whether blade or burr, can each help you achieve this. As you get one for yourself, remember the considerations noted above.

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