Collision Avoidance Technology

Kawasaki set to debut night vision, helmet-mounted heads-up displays and collision avoidance technology. KAWASAKI’S 1400 GTR is already one of the most technologically-advanced bikes on the planet – with variable valve timing, keyless ignition and tyre pressure sensors as standard – but the firm is preparing a whole new generation of ground breaking technology for the next-generation GTR.

collisionmainHeading up the technological onslaught comes a system that until now has been in the preserve of only the world’s most expensive cars; night vision.

Kawasaki has developed its own infra-red night vision technology, giving riders a view beyond the range of the bike’s conventional headlights, and is racing to get it ready for use on production bikes with few or no changes to the basic design of the bikes themselves – allowing it to be fitted as an option or even as an aftermarket upgrade.