Complete iOS 7 Feature Overview [Infographic]

The new iOS 7 operating system Apple announced in their developer’s conference a couple days ago has gotten many people excited – not only because of the new design of the user interface (which I wrote about earlier today in my icon comparison article), but also because there are a lot of new features added or redesigned in it. In order to get a better look at what has been added into the iOS 7 mobile operating system, I found an infographic with a complete feature overview.

As we all know, the new iOS 7 update has a whole slew of cool new features. Finding them all can be quite tedious and annoying if you don’t know what you’re looking for. That’s why I thought we would approach things a little bit less complex this time around. Just like with my earlier article today about the design of the new iOS 7 operating system, I am going to present things in a much easier fashion. That way, we can all follow what’s been added and get a complete feature overview.

The infographic called iOS 7: The Mobile OS From A Whole New Perspective, designed by Hasan Alkhatib, is a simple feature overview that shortly explains each feature, and where you can find it. Usually people prefer the short story instead of the long one in this optimized world, and that’s probably why this infographic is going to make its rounds around the Internet. Simplicity is everything in this technologically overcrowded landscape.

Some of the more interesting features I have seen so far are AirDrop, the new photo swipe options and the redesigned controls. It’s going to be quite fun to mock around with this new iOS. I think I will have a great use for this feature overview once I get a chance to update the operating system on my iPhone. Hopefully this is just a beginning of what Apple is planning to add to this already great OS. Have a look at this feature overview, and prepare for a whole new user interface experience once the iOS 7 is pushed to all of our iDevices. It’s infographics like this that make upgrading your devices a lot simpler.

Hasan Alkhatib’s iOS 7 Feature Overview Infographic

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