Could You Live In This Space? – Architectural Inspiration

Yesterday I wrote an article about a woman that has downsized her life to the point that she is living in a house that is only 84 square feet. That was pretty crazy, in a cool kinda way, but now I have something else even more bizarrely cool to share with you.

This story originally came out in 2009, but for some reason, it’s getting a huge resurgence on the Internet. Award-winning Hong Kong architect, Gary Chang lives in a 344 square foot apartment. It’s the same apartment that he lived in as a child with his parents, three sisters and a tenant.

Here is the crazy part – using a futuristic sliding wall system, Gary has configured 24 rooms into that space including a living room, spa, bathroom, guest bedroom, master bedroom, kitchen, laundry room, wet bar and home cinema! As you see, there is beautiful natural lighting everywhere. I love this! His architectural tricks have inspired people all over the world to stop complaining and get creative with their small living spaces. Check out the video below to see how these rooms transform from one to the next. Of course, he is single. :)

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