Knockoff iPhone 5S Released In China & Sold Out [Video]

As the rumors continue about an alleged iPhone 5S being announced during Apple’s next keynote, the knockoff manufacturers are taking steps usually not seen. When cheap knockoffs are released on the black market, usually the original gadget has already been released. It seems things have taken a turn for the worse. A Chinese manufacturer seems to have rushed the black market with their knockoff iPhone 5S and duped Apple of their important announcement.

Well, that is if Apple has intentions of ever releasing an iPhone 5S like the rumors suggest. This knockoff iPhone 5S is yet another debacle for Apple to take care of. Now it seems the knockoff clone Apple stores aren’t Apple’s main headache. Manufacturers know the value of a great technology, and they are trying to squeeze every single dollar they can out of it by creating knockoff products that will never be as good as the original.

The iPhone 5S, or as it is labeled, the Goophone i5S, bears more of a resemblance to the iPhone 5. As we all know, Apple usually does these incremental upgrades, and they usually add an “S” at the end of the name. Maybe this time around, they will come out with something entirely new, we just don’t know. The iPhone 5S knockoff was recently released by a China Shanzhai manufacturer, and they reportedly instantly sold out of their 1,000 unit initial stock. That is something Apple should definitely stay aware of. Not only has Apple’s stock been plummeting for the last 6 months, but now they are faced with a mammoth attack of knockoff products which sometimes get more attention than their own product releases. It’s not quite the same, but with the development of things, that is not an unlikely scenario.

Have a look at this video of the knockoff iPhone 5S (Goophone) and see if you can spot the differences between a real Apple iPhone and this cheap knockoff. It seems Apple is in need of an insane technology upgrade in order to stay ahead of knockoff manufacturers. As of right now, it seems Apple’s innovative technology (as they call it) has regressed to common tech which even cheap knockoff manufacturers can clone to some extent.

iPhone 5S Knockoff Entirely Sold Out