Bandage Printer Prints Custom Bandages For A Perfect Fit

If you have ever accidentally cut or hurt yourself, you know how annoying it is to use the wrong size bandage. Usually the bandage is too large or too small, and that’s when you start getting innovative. You try to patch yourself up by using several bandages, and you somehow quilt together a working size. That is not exactly what I would call an optimized solution. There is a new concept that might just change how we patch ourselves up, and it comes in the form of a custom bandage printer.

There are a lot of different kinds of printers out there now. We have toast printers, regular paper printers and of course 3D printers. This custom bandage printer is just an addition to all the different printers we might use in our everyday lives in the near future. Maybe they could all combine to become an all-in-one printer someday, who knows. When it comes to printing our custom bandage sizes, this unique concept creation might just patch us up perfectly to minimize infection.

It was conceived by the people over at EVENhome (Han Like, Liu Peng, Ren Mingjun, Wei Chenjie, Yang Xiao, Liu Peng), and it impressed the heck out of the judges over at the reddot design award headquarters. The uncomfortable feeling of a bandage that’s too large or too small is just not good enough for our perfectionist minds, and this custom bandage printer (called the Band-Aid Printer) will be able to remedy that imperfection in our optimized lives.

Of course, so far this is just a concept design. But with the infused inspiration of winning the reddot design award, this custom bandage printer could very well become a reality in the very near future. It’s not too complex, and definitely not too complex for today’s technology. This printer is really a quasi-3D printer, which can print the plaster directly. After deciding what size and shape the custom bandage should be, the user can even change the pigmentation of the bandage to make it even more seamless on the skin. Now that is what I call optimization and innovation.

EVENhome’s Custom Bandage Printer Concept