All About Cybercrimes – How You Can Be The Next Prey Of Hackers

We live in a world of cybercrimes, where installing an anti-virus software is simply not enough to protect your data from being stolen and leaked on the internet. Online threats exist in various forms and while your security software may detect some malware, professional hackers can spot vulnerabilities in the software and exploit them to access your confidential data.

So how does one ensure that their data is safe from these cybercrimes? Here is what the famous cyberattacks of the recent years teach us regarding online security.

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[pullquote]Retail giant Target’s credit card data breach of 2013 revealed that the hackers had installed malicious software on the company’s point of sale devices.[/pullquote] This allowed the hackers to access the card information of the users, which they then used to steal the account holders’ money. This incident highlights the importance of understanding the online threats that any piece of technology you use may be susceptible to. Staying on top of all the latest hacking techniques is the best way to keep all your devices secure.

In 2015, Anthem, one of the biggest health insurance companies in the USA, fell prey to the most massive cybercrime recorded in the domain of health care. The attackers used a hacking technique called spear-phishing to steal the Social Security Numbers, addresses, birthdays, and salary information of the company’s clients as well as employees. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that the main reason behind the breach was the lack of limitation on the information accessible to administrative accounts. Therefore, if you run a company, then you need to revise what information is available to the top administrators.

According to BizTech magazine, the top four ways to protect your company’s data from cybercrimes is to invest in a managed security system, to extend security to mobile devices, to educate all employees regarding online threats, and to always be prepared for a cyberattack. Healthcare IT News further emphasizes that the security measures that you use to protect your laptops and PC’s from cybercrimes will not necessarily be as effective on IoT devices. Therefore all companies and individuals need to invest in dedicated security measures that are best suited for their devices.

Due to the rising number of cybercrimes in the corporate environment and the increasing magnitude of the damage they cause to companies, most organizations these days are willing to outsource cyber security management to an expert or are hiring these experts to work dedicatedly on their security needs. Therefore, the cybersecurity market is booming, making it a viable career option for young professionals. An online information technology degree is all it takes to boost your prospects of grabbing a job in this field, which holds a great promise of turning into a profitable career. So if you are looking for career options then do consider cybersecurity, and even if you are not looking for a job, knowing about the recent trends in cybersecurity is the best way to protect your data in the face of cybercrimes.

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All About Cybercrimes – How You Can Be The Next Prey Of Hackers

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