Directions From Above | Heavenly Street Light Design

We are so used to reading signs nowadays that we sometimes forget that they have looked the same for over 5-6 decades now. And, we don’t even think about that when it’s dark outside, it’s almost impossible to read any signs. Whether it be street signs or traffic signs, the ones we concentrate on are the lit ones. This could potentially create some rather large problems if you miss where you are going for example. Should we all be dependent on the street lights around us or is there an easier way?

Some designers behind the very successful Canadian Quartier Des Spectacles have come up with a simple yet über technological solution that could potentially change how we read signs. With a few projectors positioned on the side of the street, they project directions, stop or walk signs, and even event signs that will show you the way to get you there. They can even animate the images that are projected on the street to make it feel more interactive.

A downside to this really cool technology is that in order to be able to pay for the expensive outdoor projectors, they would have to also project advertisement on the very street or road you are traveling on. Is it worth it? In a moderate way, I would certainly think so. However, if the advertisement becomes so overtaking that you start convulsing just because of it and never get peace of mind, then no, it wouldn’t be worth it.

This very system is just a prototype that is installed on a couple of busy streets in Montreal that cross each other. If all goes well, we will certainly see more of this in the future.