Do you want to use the Space Chair?

You would think they would have thought of everything by now when it comes to making a good ad. Well, it turns out they have yet a whole new stage to use as their playing field, Space. Toshiba, the maker and the producer of the ad has come up with a unique way to present the clarity of their newest TV…or whatever it is that they make an ad for. I have tried to figure out some in depth facts about this ad but it seems that Toshiba is keeping it tight as only Apple can do.

In the ad you can see a few people launching the chair and all the different cameras attached to it. Looks quite cool. My first thought when I saw it was “What happens when that chair falls back to the ground?” It’s not like it’s gonna end up at the same place as it started considering the wind will cause it to drift. But then I watched it further and it turns out there are certain things that control that. Whether it is the strong wind on its way back or if it is a mechanism to make it break apart I can’t tell but it’s rather a good trick. I like the genuine approach of the whole ad but then again, this haven’t been done before. Right?

I am left with a question though. Why is it so hard for humans to travel to space when we can, while just using a few bucks, send a chair to edge of our atmosphere? I don’t know if it an answer but as I read through the comments it turns out balloons doesn’t work without an atmosphere. Guess that’s it…or is it? Enjoy!