Don’t Let The Sony Walkman Die – Freestyle Your iPhone 4!

Sony recently announced that they are discontinuing their legendary Walkman cassette player. It fast became a trademark for geeks, skaters and other hip and fly kids back in the day. It got so popular that it held on to its reign for over 30 years. It was launched in the market back in 1979. The cassette also became the coolest storage media for music of the modern day. As things progress and technology becomes way more advanced, the Walkman and the cassette have somewhat lost their mojo. Even though there are still a bunch of people still using the iconic gadget, the market for such a music player has become obsolete and the Mp3 players have taken over pretty much all its market share.

But don’t fret! There is still time to get your geek on and walk down the street like the cool kid you are. There is now a Sony Walkman (in its trademarked yellow color) sticker to attach to your iPhone 4 to make your iPhone look more ’80s. If you thought your iPhone was cool before, after you have made it into the ultimate freestyle, there will be no competition left. You’ll dodge down the street like a pinball in order to avoid the eyes of the lesser mortals.

And it is all thanks to shortsleevealliance on Etsy. They have created this ultimately awesome sticker that they sell for just $2 (!!). Unfortunately they had to up the price from one dollar to two as the price of laminate went up. But for that price, it’s still a steal that you won’t want to miss out on. Just the color and the buttons on that sticker bring back so many memories, and for just a moment, you will feel like a kid again, the cool kid that you really thought you were with your mullet, the big puffed headset and the bulky freestyle hanging from your belt. Oh, and don’t forget the neon colored clothes and the “over-the-top” sprayed hair. Yup, you were truly the shizzle, right?