Doorless Fridge Simplifies Food Storage Design

When a concept has lived up its purpose and become old news, innovators try to come up with the next generation iteration of what we already use. It’s how it goes really when it comes to technology. If a car runs on gas, innovators try to invent something new, thus the new hybrid and electrical cars. Everything can be optimized and made more environmentally friendly. How far are we, the consumers, prepared to go before we become the hosts of the future gadgets that will make our reality into something found in a science fiction movie? Well, I would say pretty far. Just have a look at this concept design entered into the Electrolux design contest that envisions a new doorless fridge which supposedly will be a lot more optimized for our living.

I am one of those people who enjoys looking into futuristic concepts and how they could possibly change our lifestyle. I doubt I would ever make my home into a geekified spaceship anytime soon, but I think there are quite a lot of cool things we can learn from innovators who choose their inspiration from what might linger in the future. This doorless fridge is a pretty good example of how we could go from having a bulky fridge in our kitchens to having just a doorless cooling wall (possibly chilling our homes on hot summer days as well), which we can just push our food pods or items into and get them cooled that way.

This concept is called Impress (design by Ben de la Roche), and it is one of those futuristic concept designs entered into the Electrolux design contest that is held every year. Whether or not it will actually come true, no one knows. However, the inspiration that might come from it could potentially change the way we keep our foods refrigerated. Besides, with all the 3D printing technology that is being developed right now, food might come to our house through the refrigerator instead. All the magic would of course happen inside the fridge without us having to worry about it. It’s possibly a scenario that some developers might tinker with. Would you prefer this doorless fridge over the old and boring one you have right now? Or, do you think the concept we have now is the ultimate one and would leave the doorless concept obsolete? It’s the consumers who will decide what the future holds.

Electrolux Design Contest Doorless Fridge Solution




Via: [Technabob]