Dr. Fone – Virtual Location (iOS)- Change iOS Device’s Location Conveniently

Are you looking for a reliable solution to fake the location of your iOS device? Experts at Wondershare have designed a versatile software named Dr.Fone Virtual Location, which is known as the best iOS GPS spoofer.

Basically, this is a web-based app that can be installed on both Windows PC and Mac to easily mock the location of an attached device. Not only this, but Dr.Fone is also capable of simulating the movement of a device between different chosen spots at an ideal speed like walking, cycling, or driving.

No matter if you are a Pokémon Go spoofer or just want to sign up for an online dating app that is restricted in your area, this software can help you fake the device’s location in a couple of clicks.

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What Is Dr. Fone – Virtual Location?

Dr.Fone is a product of Wondershare, a software development company with many products that are making our day-to-day lives easier in a variety of ways. Any iOS user can change the location of his/her device with the help of this amazing and user-friendly fake GPS iOS software.

The software is designed to display users a map with a search bar that they can use to spoof the location of their devices anywhere around the world. Along with that, you can also show your device or installed apps that you are moving towards a particular spot even when you are not.

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Why People Spoof Their GPS?

There are a lot of reasons people use location faking apps and software. Sometimes they want to hide their location from the internet service providers for security and privacy reasons. In this way, they can keep their current location safe and hidden from the entire internet.

Since an IP address can be used to track the exact location of an internet user, location spoofing can help him/her prevent tracking the location. Some internet users also the fake location of their devices to unlock exciting features and benefits in games and other location-based apps by convincing the GPS and other apps that they are in a particular place.

For instance, someone can easily access a restricted app on his/her devices just by faking the device’s location. In this way, they can easily avail all the services or features that are offered for a particular place and not available in their area.

Most users also use GPS spoofing to show their peers that they are enjoying vacation somewhere away from the home town just by simulating the device’s movement. There are many other reasons you may also want to fake the GPS of your iOS device. So, Dr.Fone is here to help.

How To Fake GPS Location On An iOS Device?

Dr.Fone is the perfect location-changing solution for Apple users as it works well on all iPhone models and other Apple devices. Below is the step-by-step process you can follow to change the location of your iPhone with this software.

  • Visit the Fone website to download the software on Windows PC or MacBook. Once installed successfully, launch the software to gain access to its dashboard or interface.

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  • Connect the iOS device you want to change location and click on the ‘Virtual Location’ option displayed on the screen.
  • Once the device is connected with the software, you can select the ‘Teleport Mode’ and use the search bar to enter the ideal location you want to mock.

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  • You can also use a specific keyword to find a location and then choose the right one you want to change.
  • After selecting the target location, you need to hit the ‘Move Here’ button to change the location of your Apple device.
  • If you want to simulate the movement of your device, Dr.Fone will lend a hand to you as you can also simulate the location of your device at a preferred speed.

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  • You can choose the location spots on the map and adjust the speed according to walking, cycling, or driving to cover the route according to your needs.

Dr.Fone also offers a Joystick feature that you can use to take better control of your device’s movement. With its 360 degree directions, you can easily move forward or get back to a location just by using up and down arrows.

Bottom Line

If you are a tech geek and want to unlock different location-based features and options on your device, give Dr.Fone a try, and you will have an excellent iOS GPS faking experience. You can buy its license for your Windows PC or Mac to change the location of up to five Apple devices.

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