Drum vs Disc Mulcher Head For Forestry Applications

Disc and drum mulchers differ in that their cutting head design dictates which one is better suited for a specific task. Disc mulchers shred trees by spinning a disc-shaped cutting head with many hardened steel teeth or blades with carbide tips horizontally.

On the other hand, drum mulchers use a cylindrical cutting head in the shape of a drum that revolves vertically to transform vegetation into mulch.

Which is preferable, between a drum mulcher or a disc mulcher head for a mini excavator? The answer varies depending on the conditions of the job site, the specific task, and the type of excavator you are employing.

Mulching quality and speed are the main points of differentiation between disc and drum mulchers.



Drum Mulchers

While they may give up a little bit of speed, drum mulchers make up for it in terms of their mulching quality. Generally speaking, drum mulchers operate slower than disc mulchers, but when it comes to stump grinding, they work incredibly well, particularly stump grinding below ground.

The final product is typically highly polished after mulching, facilitating better sales.

Due to the wide attachment, drum mulchers can handle several trees or brush simultaneously. However, the quality of the drum mulcher you choose is a crucial factor to consider. This is due to the teeth’s propensity to deteriorate over time, necessitating frequent replacement.

You can help these teeth last longer so you can spend more time in the field making money by choosing a high-quality, well-made drum mulcher attachment.

You can also choose different kinds of teeth based on the type of work you’re performing with it to extend the life of your mulcher.

Disc Mulchers

Disc mulchers, also known as rotational mulchers, typically forgo quality and a smooth finish in favor of increased speed. They are perfect for clearing many trees, but even though they can still do it, they are not as dependable as drum mulchers regarding grinding stumps.

This is primarily because disc mulchers usually grind stumps level with the ground rather than below grade, unlike drum mulchers. Disc mulchers do, however, really well in the “cut and feed” method, which entails bringing in trees and brush and processing it quickly.

Additionally, disc mulchers typically leave more mess behind than drum mulchers do. Larger wood pieces are the more likely byproduct of a disc mulcher on the job site, even though a drum mulcher usually leaves smaller wood chips in its wake.

Also, compared to drum mulchers, disc mulchers tend to scatter these wood chips somewhat more randomly.

Cost is another crucial factor distinguishing disc and drum mulcher excavator attachments from Torrent Mulchers. Generally speaking, disc mulchers are less expensive than their drum mulcher equivalents.

The Final Take

Both disc and drum mulchers have a role in the forestry sector. Disc mulchers are more aggressive, can trim trees with huge diameters, and frequently need less hydraulic power from your host machine.

Conversely, drum mulchers are less forceful while producing smaller mulch and are safer to use in delicate regions.Address: 12951, Rte 114, Penobsquis, NB E4G 2X3, Canada



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