Ducati StreetFighter Design

Being a Ducati rider, lover and geek, just fitting to share to you the latest edition to the powerful bike. The Ducati StreetFighter. Design: Part racer, part streetbike, all Ducati. The Ducati Streetfighter ($TBA) offers riders an upright riding position, with plenty of power coming from its 1099cc, L-Twin cylinder, 155hp engine. Other features include twin stainless mufflers stacked on the right side for added effect, a slightly-exposed tubular steel Trellis frame, 10-spoke wheels, Brembo front disc brakes, and minimalist controls, instrumentation, and headlights.

Innovation: The Streetfighter S is the first naked sport bike equipped with competition-level traction control as standard equipment.  Accessible from the left-hand switchgear and displayed on the digital instrumentation, Ducati Traction Control (DTC) offers a choice of eight ‘sensitivity levels’, each one programmed with a wheel-spin tolerance matched to progressive riding levels of skill.

When activated, the system analyses front and rear wheel speeds to detect the level of wheel-spin, instantly evaluating the Streetfighter’s ‘dynamic situation’ before administering two types of interaction in varying amounts: ignition retardation and fuel injection cuts.

DTC understands exactly how the Streetfighter is being used. From slow mid-corner acceleration with serious lean angle to high speed corner exits while almost upright, the intelligent system reacts according to each and every situation, enhancing performance and maximising control.

A real beauty and power to behold.