Eat This iPhone: Android Can Hold Its Own After All!

I have an Android phone. Sometimes it feels like I’m on an island because everywhere I turn, I’m surrounded by iPhone users. I love my Droid X. I think sometimes people don’t give Android phones enough credit, I mean, have you actually seen what they can do?

I agree, an Android phone isn’t as sexy as an iPhone, but hey; I have flash, do you? I even saw an article about a month ago that said that guys with iPhones have sex more than twice as a much as guys with Android phones. I mean, c’mon.

I was excited when I read the result of this study (based on unofficial ChangeWave research), which suggests that the iPhone craze is cooling. Right now, only 38% of people surveyed prefer to own an iPhone. Interest in Android phones; however, seems to be spiking, and 37% of people would prefer the Android OS on their phone. This is a new all time high for Android!

Hmm… Looks like my little Android has some balls after all. And, just for the record, as soon as my contract is over, I’m buying an iPhone 4. I’ve had a lot of fun with my Android phone, but now I’m ready to see firsthand what all this iPhone 4 hype is about. You can purchase the specifics of this ChangeWave research here.

[via Electronista]