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Having a backup copy of your email data can make your life safer and easier. It will help you find all important information or contacts previously stored in your former account. No matter how big your email info migration will be, getting a reliable and easy-to-use email transfer program is a real challenge.

No one wants to lose or damage their data while transferred from live mail to outlook. The issue can happen when converting complex emails, for example, ones containing embedded images and enclosed attachments. This is where Live Mail to Outlook Transfer program can be of great service to you. It is a tool for importing any email information. With it, email users can not only transfer personal folders with emails, contacts, and archives but also configure the permanent import of messages arriving at their former mailboxes. The tool provides one with the access to the old email account, without any important information being damaged or lost.

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What Data Can You “Move” With Live Mail To Outlook Transfer Program?

Email data conversion and migration is a complex and time-consuming task. Making a backup copy and moving it manually is challenging and may end up with you losing your rules, contacts, attributes, settings, etc. It doesn’t sound to be the best approach, right? Then you should definitely consider Live Mail to Outlook Transfer program.

Use the utility to move the following assets of information:

  • Personal folders and emails (both email archives and new emails);
  • All contacts (emails of recipients of your letters);
  • Emails stored in the folders “Spam” and “Trash.”

You can trust Live Mail to Outlook Transfer program to convert your email messages accurately, including the following attributes:

  • mailbox folder structure;
  • email text formatting;
  • email information status (read, replied, flagged, etc.);
  • sender/ recipient email addresses;
  • email embedded contents and attachments;
  • dates and other metadata.

The software solution can process any amount of information without affecting the quality of data being converted. Another good thing is that you do not need to rob the bank to use the service. No yearly subscription purchase is necessary; you pay for the amount of information being processed at a rate $4.96 for 1 gigabyte.

Live Mail Email Transfer program addresses all the aspects of the email data transfer process and makes it easy and fast. Even users with basic computer skills can perform all the operations without any problems. You don’t need to have any experience in email conversion/ recovery or IT background to get the job done on your own. The solution from Outlook Transfer will do everything for you. An intuitive user interface of the program will make your experience smooth. Use the software to protect sensitive and important information of yours.

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