eReading Anytime, Anywhere!

Reading novels is one of my favorite pastimes.  It lets me experience new cultures, and takes me to other worlds.  I believe the reason for my being able to design is mostly in part because at a young age my parents instilled in us the love of reading.  This in turn has allowed me to use my imagination.  I love hard bound books, but now I am truly happy that there are books that are offered for free and ready to be read anywhere and anytime.  Technology has allowed us the opportunity to take our reading to the next level.

Kobo is a great eReading service that allows us to get everything from the latest New York Times Bestsellers and Harlequin Romances to your favorite classics.  There are only three steps that you have to follow.  One, find an ebook – they have a lot of categories to choose from, there are some that you can buy, but what is really cool is that they have thousands of free ebooks on the list too.  Second, get you free application – You can download one of their free apps for smartphones: iPhone, Blackberry©, Palm Prē™ and Android™ or Download Adobe Digital Editions to read on your desktop or on your eReading devices.

You can sign up HERE.

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