Every Design Apple Has Ever Released In 30 Seconds [Video]

Today seems to be one of those days when I happen to stumble over a lot of Apple related stuff, and I thought I’d show you guys a few that I find quite interesting. Learning new things is one of the most rewarding endeavors we can undertake; therefore, I wanted to write an article that will explore the history of Apple and that will also ultimately teach you something about their developments throughout the years. I know most of you are now thinking, “What?! I am not here to learn things. Learning should be confined to schools and should not exist outside of its walls!” Well, no worries, this thing will turbo inject the knowledge into your brain in a matter of seconds.

As a matter of fact, it will do so in about 30 seconds. How can you possibly reject such an offer, right? YouTuber robbeschizza put together a clip that is not just really educating but also quite… well, fast paced. In just 30 seconds you will be taken on a mad trip through the inventions and designs of every Apple product ever released (or at least close to it). It’s an intense ride, and the pace is one of the most hectic timelines I have ever seen, but when it ends, you will be turbo charged with knowledge. Or, at least you will have had the chance to be.

I suggest that when you are watching this clip (assuming over and over again), make sure you pause it every now and then so that you can actually behold the awesomeness that has come out of the labs of Apple. Few companies can brag about having released so many ground-breaking products as Apple has, so this timeline video clip is rightfully impressive. As a bonus, I also included a clip with every product that ever come out of the company NEXT‘s labs (one of Steve Jobs companies when he was booted from Apple, or as they say, when he was between jobs) so that we can all take in the genius of Steve Jobs.


Via: [Walyou]