Everyone Can Become Virtual And Enjoy The Possibilities Of IP Telephony

The main services in this digital ​​telephone communication today are considered to be PBX and virtual numbers. The concept of a virtuous PBX comes from the fact that the end user of the service does not have to install specialized telephone equipment in his/her office. Instead, all employees are equipped with IP phones supporting the SIP protocol.

All the functionality of the office PBX is implemented on the operator’s equipment. This feature can offer short numbering, incoming call forwarding, voice greeting, and many more additional options.

The service is perfect for companies that are not ready to invest money in traditional office telephony. The VN can boast portability in case of a company relocation because it remains the same. Moreover, video communication can also become part of IP telephony.

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Become Closer To The Feature

A VN is a multichannel telephone number that is not physically linked to a specific country or place. All incoming calls to such a number are forwarded to existing ones. Moreover, there can be an arbitrarily large amount of such redirects. The indisputable advantage of the above-mentioned solution is that the person can manage the options of such redirections with the help of his/her web account.

Here you feel free to set the time frame for forwarding to certain numbers, define forwarding algorithms, call everyone at the same time, or sort through numbers sequentially if no one answers them.

Freezvon offers not only to get a US number but also to enjoy a good selection of additional services that can turn a VN into a personal mobile office. It’s perfect for business people who are constantly on the move and want to be in touch and for start-up companies, as it allows them not to invest in the organization of office communications (especially when 3-4 people work in the office).

A user-friendly interface allows the combining of all the functions of an office PBX. There is also a possibility to create a greeting or an appeal to customers.

Why Is An American VN So Popular?

It helps get general telephony that is necessary for companies with several branches or geographically remote facilities. Such a system allows employees to easily communicate with each other while saving on telephone conversations. Telephony also facilitates work with clients. It makes cooperation, in general, more dynamic and efficient.

One of the most popular VN types is the number 8 800. It is designed to forward calls from the main office to internal and mobile phones. You can even redirect a call to Skype or SIP phones. New applications for the network appear regularly, which makes it even more versatile and convenient. A VN does not exist physically, as it is not registered in the operator’s number pools.

The advantages of IP telephony are the following.

  • The low cost of calls.
  • The absence of the need for a data network reduces costs, as well as a wide range of services provided.
  • Telephony includes a call center, voice menu, messages, and video calls.
  • Any computer or laptop can also become a multifunctional phone.
  • The voicemail option can be additionally installed on the VN for corporate clients. This is a paid option that allows you to take into account the interests of the customer calling the company and purposefully forward him/her to another specialist after dialing the combination of numbers dictated by the voicemail.
  • Virtual PBX allows you to manage all phone calls directly from the website’s interface, which is also very convenient.

It is worth mentioning the possibility of fax getting via the Internet. They are not only sent over the Net but also stored for an unlimited time on closed servers. Such an option allows you to access documents from anywhere in the world where there is the Internet. The data is saved in PDF format, so it’s easy to view a document on a mobile device or computer by installing the appropriate program in advance.

Telephony makes it possible to facilitate the work process and expand the client base. This innovation was estimated at its true worth by large businessmen and entrepreneurs, so the direction is constantly developing. The modern opportunities that a virtual PBX and the VNs open up are simply endless.

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