Everything That Can Go Wrong With An iPhone

A smartphone is an exceedingly complex device, capable of immense processing power yet packed into a pocket-sized shell. By far, iPhones are the most popular smartphone, thanks to their sleek design and futuristic features, but even iPhones have their faults.

Whether you are looking for solutions to an ongoing iPhone issue or you want to know what you are getting into with a new iPhone purchase, here are some of the worst problems that iPhone users experience — and how to resolve them.

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White Screen Of Death

Though the White Screen of Death sounds scary, it isn’t close to the worst iPhone problem on this list. Most often, iPhones get stuck on a solid white screen — without icons or apps or any response from your finger or buttons — do so because of a failed software update or failed jailbreaking attempt. There are a few ways to reset your iPhone to a previous update and resolve the White Screen:

  • Tap your screen with three fingers at once. This is a test to determine whether you have the White Screen at all. If everything goes back to normal, you merely accidentally magnified the screen.
  • Hold down the home button and the lock button until the screen flashes. This is called a hard reset — but it doesn’t reset your phone; it merely restarts it. Your phone should go back to normal once it goes through its regular startup procedure.
  • Restore your phone from a backup. Using a computer with iTunes installed, you can use recovery mode to restore your phone to a backed-up copy. Of course, this requires you to have backups of your phone and a way to connect your phone to your computer.

If none of these solutions work, it is possible that the White Screen is due to a hardware problem — a faulty connection between the motherboard and screen that develops from dropping the device a few too many times. At this point, it might be best to invest in a new iPhone.

Black Screen Of Death

Similar to the White Screen, the Black Screen of Death is a blank, black screen that doesn’t respond to finger taps or button presses. However, solving the Black Screen can be much more difficult because there are many, many more reasons that it might develop. For example:

  • Your iPhone got wet
  • Your iPhone has a battery issue
  • Your iPhone is infected with malware
  • Your iPhone has a bad update or was jailbroken

You can try charging your phone to see if your Black Screen turns into a White Screen. If it does, you can try resetting it using any of the methods listed above. If it doesn’t take a charge, you might need to utilize professional iPhone repair to replace the battery or else buy a brand-new phone.

Cracked Screen

An iPhone doesn’t develop a cracked screen on its own. If you handle your phone roughly, you are likely to crack your screen sooner or later, and unfortunately, there’s no simple and straightforward fix.

Because iPhone screens are incredibly sophisticated — and getting more sophisticated with every iteration — you really don’t want to DIY your screen replacement. You can get your screen fixed same-day with an iPhone repair service near you.

Water Damage

Water damage can cause the Black Screen of Death, but it can cause other problems within your iPhone, as well. You might notice bubbles of water beneath the screen, or you might spot rust growing inside the charging port. Your phone might feel atypically hot, you might lose the ability to play sound, you might lose service unexpectedly, you might not be able to charge your phone, and you might incur myriad other odd malfunctions.

You might not know that your iPhone has come into contact with water, so you should periodically check the liquid contact indicator or LCI. Most often, the LCI is located in the same slot as the SIM card and looks like a small tab. If the LCI is white, your phone hasn’t succumbed to moisture, but it turns red when the phone has gotten sufficiently wet. A red LCI moves your phone to out-of-warranty, meaning you won’t get a free replacement — but you could get a hefty discount.

However, that doesn’t mean you should tamper with the LCI because doing so will void the warranty completely, forcing you to pay sticker price for a brand-new phone.  While there are some things you can to do mitigate water damage at the moment, like removing the SIM card and setting a fan to blow on it, but mostly all you can do is hope for the best.

Your smartphone is among your most precious objects, and it happens to be an exceedingly complex one that requires precise care. Knowing a bit about what can go wrong with your iPhone could help you keep it safer — and save you some money and worry, to boot.

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